Contact Information


I used to run a Wordpress blog under this domain, but the posts were, for the most part, horribly out of date, and I'm not much of a regular blogger in any case.

These days you can find me in a small but growing corner of the internet called "The Federation." It's a network of decentralized social media projects. You can find my Hubzilla info at the bottom of this page under "Social". In addition, you can reach me using the following services:


XMPP: lazyteddy[at]lazyteddy[dot]eu

If you absolutely must send me an e-mail, please use "tp" in front of the "at"-symbol, followed by the domain where this document is located. Yes, I do have to be this cryptic about it because if I write out my e-mail address I will get spammed to death, forcing me to direct this address to my catchall inbox, meaning your e-mail would land among all the spam I'm already getting.